Workplace Hospitality Technology: 5 Ways To Evolve the Office Experience

Technology is constantly evolving, and the workplace experience is evolving along with it. Technological advances don’t just mean new smartphones and better computer graphics—soon, office spaces will be much more comfortable and customizable than ever before, in all kinds of unexpected ways.

With workplace hospitality technology at your fingertips, your office will be healthier and more productive, and your employees and workmates will be happier with their environment and workflow. At 360 Work Made Easy, we reimagine the modern workplace experience to create a more efficient and sustainable facility operation. Listed below are just five future advances you can expect to see as technology begins improving your workplace.

workplace hospitality technology with 360

Workplace Hospitality Technology Inspired Spaces

Imagine stepping into a workspace that will automatically adjust to your individual preferences—the thermostat adjusts, the lighting changes, maybe your favorite workplace music starts playing. This might sound like something out of a movie set far in the future, but technology-inspired spaces are coming sooner than you might expect. It’s common knowledge that people perform better when they’re satisfied with their surroundings, and these technology-inspired spaces will make it possible for individuals to customize their settings, even when working in close proximity with others.

When individual employees have the opportunity to work in a space that is tailored to their preferences, it follows that those employees will be happier and better able to focus. Imagine the benefits of never having to fight for office thermostat control again! 

Smart Meetings

Meetings don’t have to center around dry, difficult-to-follow slideshows anymore. As time goes on, more and more office spaces will be able to offer smart meetings, with dynamic technology that keeps participants engaged rather than bored. These smart meetings will be able to utilize interactive displays and touch screens, unique methods of participation, and better information sharing overall. 

The beauty of smart meetings is how customizable they are. At 360, we specialize in touchless meeting controls, automated check-ins, and checkouts, with motion sensors and room occupancy monitoring, to help create a safe and seamless experience. With workplace hospitality technology on your side, you’ll be able to tweak your presentations and information-sharing methods until they’re just what your office—and your team—needs.

Room Occupancy Monitoring

Room occupancy monitoring can do more than just tally the number of people in a room. These monitoring systems are capable of everything from calculating the person to desk ratio to comparing how teams or departments use desk space, and who might need more or less of it. If you haven’t tried maximizing the potential of your rooms and offices in the past, you’ll be amazed at what a difference this technology can make. 

With 360 technology, you’ll be able to maximize the potential of your office space. Our mobile room scheduling resource helps save time by booking rooms from your desktop or mobile device. It features a people-counting sensor that helps manage room capacity, and automatic notifications help the janitorial team stay on top of resetting the rooms after the meeting. This is also a highly effective way to avoid overcrowding in rooms, which can go a long way towards employee health and peace of mind while Covid is still present. Prioritizing your office occupancy is not only great for productivity but health as well. 

Integrated Scheduling Software

Workplace hospitality technology means no more scrambling to create a functional, productive employee schedule. With our integration capabilities, all your scheduling software (from booking spaces and meetings to scheduling cleaning services) can now work together to increase employee productivity and streamline meetings and break times as well. Scheduling software can help teams get organized and reserve spaces that work for them in a way that won’t impact the rest of the office.

360 helps you get the most out of your employee scheduling software so it’s as customizable as you need it to be. No matter how many individuals or small groups your office might be juggling, your scheduling system will be able to make sure they all get the resources and time they need to succeed.

Air Quality (CO2) Measuring

Air quality is something that is too often neglected in today’s office space, in part because it can be so difficult to monitor. With air quality measuring in place, you’ll have a piece of technology that is specifically designed to make sure the air in your office is healthy, specifically carbon dioxide, or CO2.

In indoor spaces, CO2 is most commonly produced by people simply exhaling. As you can imagine, indoor spaces with weak ventilation and lots of people inside can become prime candidates for disproportionately high levels of CO2. When levels of CO2 get too high, they can cause drowsiness, headaches, and even increased blood pressure. It’s hard to be productive or feel enthusiastic about the day when CO2 levels are high.

Your air quality measurement system can detect CO2 levels in the air, as well as other potentially harmful elements that you and those around you might be breathing in. With workplace hospitality technology on your side, you’ll be able to curate the air in your office for everyone’s benefit. With air quality technology, you’ll be improving the atmosphere of your office as well as everyone’s long-term health; definitely a win-win!

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