People Counting: What Is It & How Is It Useful?

Like any good company or organization, you’re constantly trying to improve your efficacy, productivity, and image. You’ve probably tried a wide range of different improvement methods, but we doubt you’ve tried one of the simplest and most effective methods of all: people counting. The method might not sound as transformative as some of the industry-changing ideas out there, but we think you’ll be surprised by what a difference people counting can make.

What is People Counting?

Just like the name suggests, people counting involves numbering how many people are in your workspace at a given time. Depending on your setup, this might be the number of people who walk through your front doors, the number of people in a meeting room, the number of people on a floor of the building, or a combination of everything. Don’t confuse people counting with customer counting; while (for obvious reasons) it’s important to know how many clients and customers you have, people counting is about your team and your employees. 

How is People Counting Useful?

People counting might seem unnecessary. After all, you know how many people are on your team and how many people you work with on a given basis. But the benefits of people counting go much deeper than just knowing the hard numbers. Good people counting technology will use complex sensors to keep track of how many people use a given space, and which parts of that space. Believe it or not, the average company—no matter what size—doesn’t take advantage of the space that they’re paying for. In some cases, nearly half of the available space can go unused, and that disuse can go completely unnoticed if no one is keeping track of how many people use a space and where they go in that space.


But people counting can do more than just optimize space. Once you’ve successfully used people counting to understand how your space is being used, you can restructure that space to improve the way your organization works. You can start rearranging your space to encourage an increase or decrease in traffic, depending on what you need, and this space can be optimized to decrease germ transmission, improve energy efficiency, and more. 

Reasons to Use People Counting

People counting might be the right tool for you if you are interested in helping your company improve in any of the following areas:


  • Health and hygiene. People counting can show you where the people in your workplace tend to congregate. Whether it’s a break room or the computer desks where work gets done, you’ll be able to determine whether people have enough space to feel comfortable and enough distance between each other to minimize germ transmission. Particularly if a common eating area is getting too cramped, making positive changes can increase cleanliness and make the office a more welcoming space for everyone. 
  • Energy efficiency. People counting will tell you which parts of your workspace are commonly and uncommonly used, from hallways to cubicles. If there are rooms or hallways where no one tends to spend much time, learning that now means you can restrict light usage in those areas to times when you know they’re being used, rather than wasting power lighting an empty area all day. Making these adjustments, even if they seem small, can have a lasting positive effect on your power bill and on your organization’s carbon footprint as a whole.
  • Team connection. It’s unfortunately common to feel as though your team isn’t as well-connected as they could be. Particularly in an office setting, space can be a major contributor to office camaraderie and morale. You’ll have a clear idea of where people go with the right tools. From there, you can extrapolate the ‘why?’. Do people tend to stay in their own remote corners of the office because there are no good communal areas? Is the break room popular but too small to accommodate everyone who might want to socialize? With people counting, you can start making the changes you need to encourage team building and create spaces that people enjoy spending time in.

People Counting

What’s the Best Way to Get Started?

It can be intimidating to attempt to get started with people counting, particularly if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately, there are companies like 360 Work Made Easy that are available to help you implement helpful programs and learn how to use them to their maximum efficiency. If you’re looking for a creative way to improve your team and your workplace, consider starting people counting with a professional organization like 360 Work Made Easy on your side!