How To Create A Frictionless Workplace Experience

Frictionless Workplace Experience
No matter what your career is or what your office looks like, you’ve experienced some friction in your workplace. That friction can take many forms; maybe there aren’t enough chairs in the common room to fit your entire team. Maybe people tend to double book meeting rooms (or forget to book at all!). Maybe it’s an issue of communication, and your team just doesn’t always seem to be on the same page. This can be particularly true if you have a team with some members that work from home and others that work in the office. 


Workplace friction may seem inevitable. In some ways, it is. There will always be minor inconveniences in your work life—work would get boring pretty quickly if everything went according to plan one hundred percent of the time!—but there’s no need to suffer from workplace friction unnecessarily. There is technology available today that can bring you closer than ever to creating a frictionless workplace experience, even in areas you might not have realized could be smoother and more seamless. 

Smart Scheduling

Smart scheduling technology means you won’t have to worry about overlapped bookings or unscheduled meetings again. With smart scheduling, you’ll have access to a computer program that can book workspace regardless of location, and can even show the real-time availability of your meeting space. Your team won’t have to go through multiple channels to make sure a room is available, and you’ll be able to know in advance that every room or meeting place that does get scheduled is the right size and has the right materials for your needs. In our experience, streamlining the scheduling process can go a long way towards the frictionless workplace experience you’re looking for.

Enhanced Cleaning

People may not instinctively think of workplace hygiene as being an important part of the workplace experience, but everyone certainly notices when it isn’t well maintained! Now more than ever, workplaces are realizing how important it is to be able to provide the benefits of a clean, frictionless workplace experience. Cleaning may be a manual chore, but it can be simplified with enhanced cleaning technology. Enhanced cleaning programs can not only make it easier to schedule the cleaning itself, but can help create space so that every team member has enough personal space to work efficiently without spreading germs. Your team members will appreciate your efforts to protect their health and make their area more comfortable.

Smart Meetings

We’ve all sat through a long, boring meeting at some point or another, but dull meetings don’t have to be an essential part of the workplace. You can promote a frictionless workplace experience through smart meetings, which will make the material more engaging and improve communication between your team members. Smart meeting technology can make presentations more hands-on and visually appealing, and is also a great way to smoothly integrate a mixed team. If you’ve struggled to make meetings work with a team that’s half in-office and half at-home, smart meetings can make it easier.

Easier Eating

Eating is part of work as well as life. Whether your team brings lunch from home or eats out together, you can make the process more pleasant with a program that can streamline the process of ordering and eating in the office. With the right program, your team can enjoy the convenience of contactless ordering and payment, automated pickup, and controlled dining areas.

It’s easy to not put much thought into the eating habits of your work team, but designating an eating space that doesn’t get overcrowded (or forgotten about) will make everyone’s lunch better. It’s safe to say a frictionless workplace experience will make your life so much easier. Taking advantage of touchless options is convenient and has the added benefit of combating sickness and preventing the spread of germs. 

How Can You Get Started?

There are several online resources designed to help companies implement the right technology so that you and your team can enjoy a frictionless workplace experience. 360 Work Made Easy specializes in helping companies of all kinds take advantage of what technology can do for them.

Whether you and your team have a lot of experience in systems like this or none at all, 360 Work Made Easy can help. Using a professional source to help you get started can make the transition process easier, and you can learn all the tricks and hidden benefits of your program without having to teach yourself or learn the hard way. Take advantage—after all, you deserve a frictionless workplace experience!