The 3 Benefits of Integrated Facility Management Companies

Imagine all the advantages of being able to consolidate your facility management efforts into a united team. It might sound like an overwhelming task, but by using one of the many excellent integrated facility management companies at your disposal, you’ll see almost immediate improvements in your workplace and performance. Integrated facility management companies can provide all kinds of benefits, from more streamlined services to better workplace experiences and more. Learn more about what integrated facility management companies can offer you below!


Integrated Facility Management Companies

Improving the Workplace Experience

By using one of the integrated facility management companies available to you, your processes will be less complicated as you streamline multiple tasks through a single management system. Juggling multiple vendors can be a hassle, and all too often leads to missed connections, excessive paperwork, and extra costs. Using the benefits of integrated facility management companies can eliminate a significant amount of these risks by compiling multiple services into one easily accessible location. You’ll be able to free up valuable office time as well as reducing minutia and the headaches that come from managing multiple systems and their requirements, all of which can be a great benefit for organizational morale.

Your work experience should incorporate both productivity and employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction levels have a way of making themselves known, but it can be difficult to know whether your organization is working at the maximum level of productivity without an unbiased outside opinion.

Companies like 360 Work Made Easy can perform a quick, professional assessment of your workplace to make sure your organization is meeting its full potential. These assessments can point out a wide range of potential improvement areas, including any available options to integrate your facility management. There are plenty of resources available to help your organization thrive, and even small changes can lead to major improvements and significant savings!

Integrated Cleaning Service

Keeping a workspace clean can be a challenge, but one of the lessons of 2020 has been that keeping an office clean is essential. With so many surfaces to clean and so many different cleaning methods available, many offices or other workspaces utilize multiple different cleaning services in order to best meet their range of cleaning needs. This is especially true in fields like hospitality, where cleaning is often much more in-depth than wiping off a desk or keyboard. If you have the opportunity to integrate your cleaning services, you’ll be a step closer to accessing the advantages offered by integrated facility management companies.

But integrated cleaning services aren’t just about narrowing down the cleaning services you use. There is technology available that allows companies and organizations to integrate their cleaning services with other office elements.

360 Work Made Easy offers technology that allows companies and organizations to integrate their cleaning process with their digital signage. If your office-wide focus is currently on washing hands, for example, your signage throughout the office can reflect that without much extra effort at all on your part. 360 can also offer services based on real-time office data, so your cleaning services will be based on current needs and hard data.


Gap Analysis

No matter what kind of organization you work with, you can benefit from a gap analysis. Gap analyses are designed to help you fill in any “gaps” in your program, from top to bottom. These gaps might take any number of forms, but wherever they are, they’re slowing you down. Fortunately, you have plenty of available resources to help you fill them in and turn them into strengths rather than weaknesses. A professional analysis like the ones offered through 360 Work Made Easy will allow you to identify potential difficulties or problem areas in your workplace that you might never have noticed otherwise. You’ll be surprised by what a difference fixing these small gaps can make!


360 Work Made Easy can help you fill in the gaps on guest check-in, cleaning services, food ordering, room scheduling and more—360 prides itself on being able to assist in all kinds of different forms of hospitality services. No matter what your business is, 360 can provide an analysis of your needs and how best to meet them, whether you need guidance on something very general or very specific.


By using 360 Work Made Easy to assess all these different factors at the same time, you can make progress towards integrating your facilities. As we’ve seen, using integrated facility management companies can make a significant difference for you, your employees, and your customers. Why not schedule an assessment and find out for yourself?